Q: How are bands given a particular time slot? 

A: Bands are placed first in their general (morning/afternoon) time slots by their proximity to Troy, and then by their requested time slot. We will do all we can to accommodate requests, but cannot guarantee exact time slots. 

Q: Do you have official soloist and tune information sheets to fill out for the judges? 

A: NO. You are, however, encouraged to bring printed information for the judges so that they may see your tunes and personnel. 

Q: What is the deal about percussion gear/vibes? 

A: I always wonder why anyone would want to bring all their heavy rhythm section equipment! Bands are asked  to use our excellent vibes, drums, piano (grand), bass and guitar amps for both the performance and warmup rooms. 

​ Q: Where do we warm up? 

A: Bands are allowed to warm up in the Troy Choir Room (just across the hall from the performance site)  60 minutes before they perform. There is a drum set, piano, bass, and guitar amps there that are available for use. 

Q: Is there a time limit for our performance? 

A: No, but your length of your performance directly affects the length of your clinic. You may choose to play for the entire 45 minutes, but be aware you will not be given extra time. Most bands play three pieces for approximately 15 minutes, and then receive a  clinic on stage for the remainder of their time. 

Q: Where to the bands perform?  

A: All bands perform in the band room of Troy University.

Q: What recordings do we get? 

A: You will receive one audio file of your performance. Directors will be emailed a link to this file, as well the audio files that contain the judges' comments that have been made by digital recorders. 

Q: Where can our students eat? 

A: Many food establishments are just blocks away from the music building, as well as on campus. However, as this event is on a Saturday, most of the places to eat on the Troy campus are not open until noon. 

Q: Due to weather and/or mechanical issues, we were unable to attend the festival. Can we have a refund? 

A: There will be no refunds due to weather or mechanical difficulties. Of course, if we are able to reschedule a band, we will. Regrettably, requests of this type are typically highly problematic and unlikely to be accommodated.